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Bitter Water thumbnail
Bitter Water eAudiobook
Gordon Ferris / Angus King

For Douglas Brodie, Glasgow's outbreak of murder and mayhem begins simply enough. A typical Saturday..

Guilty Pleasures thumbnail
Guilty Pleasures eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Diana Bishop

The last way antiques dealer Lina Townsend wants to spend a summer's afternoon is helping at a churc..

Strange Images Of Death thumbnail
Strange Images Of Death eAudiobook
Barbara Cleverly / Terry Wale

Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands is on leave, winding his way through France to the Riviera. E..

Gone Tomorrow thumbnail
Gone Tomorrow eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding

Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they'..

Deadly Serious thumbnail
Deadly Serious eAudiobook
Jean Chapman / Andrew Wincott

When Jim Maddern - well-respected police sergeant and pillar of the local community - begins to act ..

The Devil thumbnail
The Devil eAudiobook
Ken Bruen / Gerry O'Brien

America - the land of opportunity: but not for PI Jack Taylor, who's just been refused entry. Disapp..

The Chosen One thumbnail
The Chosen One eAudiobook
Sam Bourne / Adam Sims

In the game of Washington politics, the stakes are as high as they get - and not everyone is prepare..

Vengeance thumbnail
Vengeance eAudiobook
Benjamin Black / Sean Barrett

On the east coast of Ireland, Victor Delahaye takes his business partner's son out sailing. But once..

Darkside thumbnail
Darkside eAudiobook
Belinda Bauer / John Sackville

Shipcott in bleak mid-winter: a close knit community where no stranger goes unnoticed. So when an el..

Phantom thumbnail
Phantom eAudiobook
Jo Nesbo / Sean Barrett

Summer. A boy is lying on the floor of an Oslo appartment. He is bleeding to death. Outside, the chu..

Nemesis thumbnail
Nemesis eAudiobook
Jo Nesbo / Sean Barrett

Grainy CCTV footage shows a man walking into a bank and putting a gun to a cashier's head. He tells ..

Headhunters thumbnail
Headhunters eAudiobook
Jo Nesbo / Sean Barrett

Roger Brown has it all. He's the country's most successful headhunter. He has a beautiful wife and a..