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uLIBRARY provides a secure and reliable app for library patrons, ensuring a secure, smooth space to browse, borrow, and return eBooks and eAudiobooks. Using bespoke lending software with the ability to borrow multiple books simultaneously. Secured by Sony URMS. The eReader and audiobook player have a variety of options for reading and playback for an enhanced end user experience.


What devices do the new uLIBRARY apps run on?
The new uLIBRARY apps run on smartphones and tablets running iOS 9.3 and above or Android 5.0 and above. There is also a desktop version that can be used in browsers on laptop and desktop Windows and Mac OS computers.

Where does the user, loan and book data used by the apps come from? The apps connect by 3G/4G and/or wi-fi to Ulverscroft’s user, loan/reservation and title system for their data. When offline, the apps still allow end end users to display their loans and listen/read to eAudiobooks/eBook they have borrowed and downloaded.

What does the ‘Next Read’ list display?
This displays a list of suggested titles for the end user, curated by Ulverscroft.

Can the end user change their email address using the new uLIBRARY apps?
Yes, within the Setting options you are able to change the email address registered to your Ulverscroft account.

uLIBRARY from Ulverscroft Digital

Designed with library and readers’ needs in mind.


Apps & Devices


Ulverscroft Digital provide digital solutions facilitating intuitive and secure lending software for libraries and Patrons to browse and borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks. Currently partnering with libraries across the UK and worldwide, the new uLIBRARY app has been created in collaboration with Firsty Group.


Contact Telephone: 0116 236 4325 


Sales Contacts:
UK: Mark Merrill
Australia: Francis Richardson or Michael Hanify
New Zealand: John Gregory
Republic of Ireland: Robert Hughes


Technical Support: digital-support@ulverscroft.co.uk